Warranty Information on Hard Drive and Storage products

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Posted Date: 2013-06-10


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Applicable Models
Internal Storage HDD HDWA110XZSTA
Internal Storage HDD HDWA120XZSTA
Internal Storage HDD HDWA130XZSTA
Internal Storage HDD HDWD105XZSTA
Internal Storage HDD HDWD110XZSTA
Internal Storage HDD HDWD120XZSTA
Internal Storage HDD HDWD130XZSTA
Internal Storage HDD HDWE140XZSTA
Internal Storage HDD HDWE150XZSTA
Internal Storage HDD HDWE160XZSTA
Internal Storage HDD HDWJ105XZSTA
Internal Storage HDD HDWJ110XZSTA
Internal Storage SSD/HDD HDTS412XZSTA
Internal Storage SSD/HDD HDTS425XZSTA
Internal Storage SSD/HDD HDTS451XZSTA
Internal Storage SSD/HDD HDTS712XZSTA
Internal Storage SSD/HDD HDTS724XZSTA
Internal Storage SSD/HDD HDTS748XZSTA
Internal Storage SSD/HDD HDTS796XZSTA


Warranty Information

Find your type of storage product listed below to determine the warranty coverage in years and then return to the Warranty Information page to view the warranty document for your product or select the warranty link in each category below.

Portable External Hard Drives

Portable External HDD    
3 Year Warranty
  • Canvio 3.0 (Models that begin with HDTC)
  • Canvio Basics 3.0 (Models that begin with HDTB1)
  • Canvio Slim  & Canvio Slim II (Models that begin with HDTD)

2 Year Warranty

  • Canvio Connect & Canvio Connect II (Models that begin with HDTC)

1 Year Warranty

  • Canvio Basics 3.0 (Models that begin with HDTB2 or HDTB3)

Desktop External Hard Drives

Desktop External HDD    
3 Year Warranty
  • Canvio Desk (Models that begin with HDNB)

Network Attached Storage

Network attached storage    
3 Year Warranty
  • Network attached storage (Models that begin with HDWC)

Internal Storage Drives



Internal HDD    

5 Year Warranty
  • Q300 Pro SSD (Models that begin with HDTS4)
3 Year Warranty
  • Q300 SSD (Models that begin with HDTS7)
  • SSD Upgrade kit and bare drive (Models that begin with HDTS)
  • Desktop Internal Hard Drive (2.5") (Models that begin with HDWJ)
  • 2.5" and 3.5" Hard Drives (Models that begin with PH20, PH21, PH32, PH33)
2 Year Warranty
  • Desktop Internal Hard Drive (3.5") (Models that begin with HDWA/D/E)

Flash Storage Devices

SD Cards    
USB Thumb Drive    
5 Year Warranty
  • SD Cards (All Models)
  • Micro SD Cards (All Models)
  • Flash Air Cards (All Models)
  • Compact Flash Cards (All Models)

2 Year Warranty

  • USB 2.0 memory Stick (Models that begin with THNU, PFU0)

Wireless Storage

Wireless storage    
1 Year Warranty
  • Wireless storage (Models that begin with HDWW)
  • Canvio AeroMobile
  • Canvio AeroCast


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