Sony Battery Pack Voluntary Replacement Program Information

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Posted Date: 2006-10-10


Last Updated: 2008-10-02


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Applicable Models
Satellite A55-S106
Satellite A55-S1063
Satellite A55-S1064
Satellite A55-S1065
Satellite A55-S1066
Satellite A55-S129
Satellite A55-S1291
Satellite A55-S179
Satellite A55-S1791
Satellite A55-S306
Satellite A55-S3061
Satellite A55-S3062
Satellite A55-S3063
Satellite A55-S326
Satellite A55-S3261
Satellite R10-S613
Satellite R10-S802TD
Satellite R10-S804TD
Satellite R10-S820
Satellite R15-S822
Satellite R15-S8222
Satellite R15-S829
Satellite R20-ST4113
Satellite R25-S3503
Satellite R25-S3513
Satellite U200
Satellite U200-ST3311
Satellite U205
Satellite U205-S5002
Satellite U205-S5012
Satellite U205-S5021
Satellite U205-S5022
Satellite U205-S5034
Satellite U205-S5044
Qosmio G25-AV513
Qosmio G35-AV600
Qosmio G35-AV650
Qosmio G35-AV660
Portege M300
Portege M400
Portege M400-S4031
Portege M400-S4032
Portege M400-S4033
Portege M400-S4034
Portege M400-S4035
Portege M400-S933
Portege M400-ST9113
Portege M405-S8003
Portege S100-S1132
Portege S100-S1133
Portege S100-S113TD
Portege S100-S213TD
Tecra A2
Tecra M3
Tecra M3-S212TD
Tecra M3-S311
Tecra M3-S316
Tecra M3-S331
Tecra M3-S336
Tecra M3-S636
Tecra M3-S737TD
Tecra M4
Tecra M4-S115TD
Tecra M4-S315
Tecra M4-S335
Tecra M4-S415
Tecra M4-S435
Tecra M4-S635
Tecra M5
Tecra M5-S433
Tecra M5-S4331
Tecra M5-S5331
Tecra M5-ST1412
Tecra M5-ST8112
Tecra M6-EZ6611
Tecra M6-EZ6612
Tecra M6-ST3412
Tecra M7
Tecra M7-S7311
Tecra M7-S7331
Tecra M7-ST4013
Tecra S3
Tecra S3-S411TD



Información del Programa voluntario de Reemplazo de Batería Sony

Sony Battery Pack Voluntary Replacement Program Information



Updated June 18, 2007 

On September 28, 2006 Sony Corporation announced a global replacement program for certain battery packs that are used in portable computers.  After the announcement by Sony Corporation, Toshiba began participation in Sony’s global battery pack replacement program and is offering Toshiba customers free replacement of certain battery packs identified by Sony.

Recently, certain incidents occurred where Sony Battery Packs installed in Toshiba portable computers caught fire. Based on our investigation with Sony, we concluded that the situation was caused by the Sony Battery Pack. The original Sony Battery Pack had not been replaced as recommended by Sony and Toshiba. We put importance on the fact that the incidents that occurred involved unreplaced Sony Battery Packs, despite our ongoing replacement program. We will continue to make every effort to accelerate the replacement of the subject Sony Battery Packs in our computers.

Working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Sony announced the details of a voluntary recall program in the United States, which can be found at Sony invited Toshiba to participate in this program as now overseen by the CPSC, and Toshiba decided to voluntarily participate and cooperate with the CPSC in the United States in the interest of customer satisfaction.

Toshiba strongly recommends that customers participate in the Sony Battery Pack replacement program as soon as possible.

The subject Sony Battery Packs will be replaced free of charge.  This offer extends only to replacement of the subject Sony Battery Packs, and does not include replacement of any Toshiba computer.  Please see the table below to determine whether a Toshiba product you own may be eligible for battery pack replacement.

As several companies are participating in Sony's battery pack voluntary replacement program, there may be some delay in fulfillment of replacement battery packs. We would appreciate your understanding and patience.

Safety tips for battery packs identified as the subject Sony Battery Packs:

Consult the "Instruction Manual for Safety and Comfort" and comply with its instructions.

Until the battery pack is replaced, continue to use your Toshiba portable computer with the original AC adapter power cord supplied with your computer. Removal of the battery pack until the replacement arrives is advised. Before removing the battery pack, disconnect the power source for your Toshiba portable computer and remove the AC adapter power cord.

However, if you do use the battery pack before it is replaced:

  • Avoid using the subject Sony Battery Pack with AC adaptor power cord.
  • Use your Toshiba portable computer within the recommended temperature range.
  • Do not use your Toshiba portable computer on any surface or thing that obstructs ventilation of the computer, i.e. sofa, carpet, bed, or near anything that produces heat.
  • When recharging your Toshiba portable computer, do not leave the computer unattended.


Subject battery packs in Toshiba portable computers

The subject battery packs identified by Sony were included in certain of the following Toshiba portable computer models. Only some -- not all -- of the battery packs used in these models are subject to Sony's global battery pack replacement program .

Portege M300                            Tecra A2
Portege M400/M405                   Tecra M3
Portege S100/S105                    Tecra M4
Qosmio G35                               Tecra M5
Satellite A50                              Tecra M6
Satellite R10/R15                       Tecra M7
Satellite R20/R25                       Tecra S3
Satellite U200/U205

Battery packs included with other models of Toshiba portables computers are not affected, and are not eligible for replacement under this program.

Subject battery packs sold separately as accessories

Some -- not all -- of the Toshiba accessory battery packs with the following part numbers are eligible for replacement under this program:

PA3191U-4BRS       PA3356U-2BRS       PA3475U-1BRS
PA3191U-5BRS       PA3356U-3BRS       PA3476U-1BRS

Other Toshiba accessory battery packs are not eligible for replacement under this program.

Stop here if you do not have a matching computer or accessory battery pack.

If your computer is not among the models listed above, and if you do not have one of the accessory battery packs listed above, then please ignore the remainder of this document and any other material regarding the Sony Battery Pack Voluntary Replacement Program.

If you have a matching computer model or accessory battery pack part number, the remainder of this document will explain how to positively determine whether you actually have a subject battery pack, eligible for free replacement by Toshiba.

Battery pack identification

If you own one or more of the Toshiba computer models, or one or more of the accessory battery packs listed above, then please determine whether you have a subject battery pack. By far the easiest and most accurate way to make this determination is with Toshiba's BatteryCheck utility software. The BatteryCheck utility software will identify whether a subject battery pack is installed in a Toshiba portable computer. If a subject battery pack is identified, the utility software will offer to launch your web browser and automatically fill in a form on the Toshiba Support website with computer and battery pack identification information. You will be asked to add your shipping information and submit the no-charge replacement order.

The BatteryCheck utility software is very small, so it may be downloaded very quickly. Click the following link to download the BatteryCheck utility software, then run it and follow the simple on-screen instructions.

If you do not want to download and use the BatteryCheck utility software, you may follow the instructions in the Manual Battery Pack Identification document to visually determine whether you have a subject battery pack, and to then obtain the Battery Number and Battery Serial Number. This manual method requires that you remove the battery pack from the computer, and then visually match identification numbers on the battery pack's identification label with those listed in the Manual Battery Pack Identification document. Use of the utility software is the preferred and recommended method to perform battery pack identification.

Toshiba Authorized Service Providers (ASPs) in the U.S. will not be participating in the Sony Battery Pack Voluntary Replacement Program. Please use the BatteryCheck utility software to determine whether your computer has a subject battery pack. Alternatively, use the Manual Battery Pack Identification method noted above.

If you'd like more information about the Sony Battery Pack Voluntary Replacement Program, please read our Frequently Asked Questions document.

If you need help with the identification process you may call the Toshiba Global Support Center, at 800-457-7777.


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