Complimentary Phone Support

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Posted Date: 2012-03-27


Last Updated: 2012-03-27


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What is complimentary phone support?

Complimentary phone support provides telephone support for incidents described below, and if the Toshiba product is within warranty coverage, is available in addition to warranty support.

Phone support for hardware incidents addresses basic setup, installation, assembly, and connectivity.  Phone support for software incidents addresses installation, launch, or reinstallation (not including data recovery) as long  as your hardware configuration meets the minimum system requirements for the software.

What is the duration of the complimentary phone support?

Unlimited complimentary phone support for incidents described above is provided for a period of 90 days from the date of first purchase of the Toshiba product.

May I receive phone support if my product is outside of the complimentary phone support period?

  • Yes, for an additional fee.  By visiting you may look up whether your product is within the period for complimentary telephone support.  If not, you may purchase phone support by calling Toshiba at 1 (800) 457-7777.

How does Toshiba define a support incident?

Toshiba defines a support incident as a specific issue that can be addressed by isolating its origin to a single cause. Toshiba, in its sole discretion, will determine what constitutes a support incident. A support incident has reached resolution when the customer receives one of the following:

  • Information provided  that resolves the issue.
  • Notice that the issue is caused by a known, unresolved issue or an incompatibility issue with the supported product.
  • Information that identifies the issue as being resolved by upgrading to a newer release of the supported product.
  • Information provided that determines an issue to be related to a third-party product, not supported by Toshiba.
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