Download Toshiba Drivers and Utilities for Windows 8

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Posted Date: 2012-08-31


Last Updated: 2012-08-31


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Toshiba recommends using the Toshiba Upgrade Assistant when upgrading to Windows 8 to support ongoing use of Toshiba provided features and functionality.

If you prefer to manually upgrade to Windows 8, Toshiba provides instructions to assist you.  These instructions help you prepare for the upgrade process, including removal of Toshiba-supplied software that should be uninstalled prior to starting the upgrade.  The instructions also include information about installation of Toshiba-supplied software after the Windows 8 upgrade is complete, including a list of each software components to be downloaded and installed.  There are typically many components that have to be manually and individually downloaded using this process, so Toshiba strongly recommends using the upgrade assistant to ease this process.

The individual software components for Windows 8 and the manual upgrade instructions are available first by verifying that your laptop model is supported by Toshiba for upgrade to Windows 8. Return to the Toshiba Windows 8 Upgrade Information Web site and follow the instructions under the heading "How to upgrade to Windows 8". 

Click here for general instructions on navigating the Toshiba Support website for Downloads and other support content.

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