Download Drivers for Toshiba accessories to support Windows 8

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Posted Date: 2012-08-31


Last Updated: 2012-08-31


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Toshiba provides drivers for your computer running Windows 8 when using specific Toshiba Accessories. Below is a list of instructions on where to find these drivers if available, that support Windows 8.

  1. Go to //
  2. Select "Product Support"
  3. In the "1. CHOOSE CATEGORY" list box select "Laptop Accessories"
  4. In the "2. CHOOSE FAMILY" list box select type of Toshiba accessory you have
  5. In the "3. CHOOSE MODEL" select the model-part number of the Toshiba Accessory
  6. Select the "Downloads" tab

You will not be presented with a list of updated drivers and software for download.

NOTE: You can filter by the Windows 8 operating system to refine your list of downloads.



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