ACPI Flash BIOS version 3.60 for Satellite/Pro L655/L750/L755 (PSK1W/PSK1X/PSK2Y)

File: sk1wv360.exe

Version: 3.60
Posted Date: 2012-09-07


Release Date: 2012-06-26


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WinRAR self-extracting ZIP file includes both Windows-based and diskette based BIOS update installation options. See the included documentation for details.

Release Notes

  • The BIOS update will force the computer to shut down or restart. Please make sure to save all work in progress before starting BIOS updates.
  • Power on the computer if it is off.
  • While the "Toshiba" LOGO is displayed, press the F2 function key to start BIOS Setup.
  • Check the version of BIOS and press the F9 function key then Enter to load setup defaults.
  • Press the F10 function key then Enter to save settings and exit. The computer will automatically reboot.

Change History

    Version 3.60 - 2012-06-26
    • Implemented changes for the Windows 8 upgrade.
    • Modified: DDR3 memory support.
    Version 3.50 - 2012-06-19
    • Updated: Microcode.
    • Updated: ME firmware V7.1.52.1176 to improve potential DVD/BD playback issues when using PAVP-enabled media.
    Version 3.40 - 2012-06-08
    • Fixed: HWID cannot be read in fast boot mode.
    • Fixed: Discrete (nVidia) VGA SKU Windows 8 black screen when resuming from Hibernation (S4).
    • ASL code upgrades.
    • Updated the EC to V2.90.
    Version 3.30 - 2012-05-24
    • Fixed: System cannot auto log-on when waking up from Hi Speed Start mode.
    • Fixed: Hang after a DOS BIOS flash update.
    • EC V2.80: Added SMBus deadlock protection.
    Version 3.10 - 2012-02-10
    • Modified: NVIDIA VGA brightness adjust sequence for an intermittent HDMI audio detection issue.
    • Corrects an issue where, under specific conditions the BIOS update will corrupt the system BIOS and cause constant boot failures.
    Version 2.90 - 2011-11-21
    • Updated: PPM RC from to 1.4.0.
    • Updated: 206A7 microcode from rev. 1B to rev. 23.
    • Hangs intermittently when waking from Sleep (S3) mode.
    • Fixed: 3-cell models do not enter Hibernation (S4).
    Version 2.70 - 2011-10-14
    • Fixed: EC updated to correct a "keystroke loss" issue.
    • Modified: SMLink1 Thermal Reporting Select and TRC register bits.
    • Fixed: System does not RTC wake-up while in hibernation/soft-off (S4/S5) on battery mode.
    • Fixed: System intermittently wakes up on its own in Hi-Speed Start mode when a LAN cable is connected.
    • Updated: PPM RC from to 1.4.0.
    • Updated: 206A7 microcode from rev. 1B to rev. 23.
    • Hangs intermittently when waking from Sleep (S3) mode.
    • Fixed: 3-cell models do not enter Hibernation (S4).
    Version 2.50 - 2011-09-23
    • Updated the 206A7 microcode from rev. 1A to rev. 1B.
    Version 2.40 - 2011-09-23
    • Fixed: Toshiba Flash Cards do not function after resuming from hibernation.
    • Fixed: File copy problem on some HDDs in AHCI mode.
    Version 2.30 - 2011-08-02
    • Fixed: When "USB Legacy Emulation" is disabled and the wireless LAN (WLAN) is turned off using Fn+F8, the WLAN LED still lights.
    • Fixed: "WebCamera" disappears when disabled.
    • Updated: CPT RC to 1.2.0.
    • Updated: 206A7 microcode from rev. 15 to rev. 1A.
    • Updated: Hi-speed Start function.
    • Updated: VerbTable - MaxxAudio LE support.
    • Updated: Energy Star region rule.
    • Added support for the Alarm Power On function.
    • Updated: SA RC to 1.2.2.
    • Updated: PPM RC to - Fixed: i7-2670 CPU frequency does not always scale lower when the Dynamic CPU Freq. Mode in Setup is set to "Always Low".
    • Updated: N12P-GV Video BIOS (VBIOS).
    Version 2.00 - 2011-06-16
    • Updated the UMA VBIOS to 2104.
    • Updated the N12M-GE & N12P-LP VBIOS.
    • Updated the 206A7 microcode from rev. 14 to rev. 15.
    • Intel Sandy Bridge Processor Errata #BK79 (Mobile).
    • Updated SA RC to v1.2.0.
    • Updated PPM RC to v1.2.1.
    • Fixed: S3 will hang on 0x53 with Pentium Series SNB CPUs.
    • Web camera settings were removed in the SCU on computers without Web cameras.
    • Fixed: Hyper-Threading (HT) can't be disabled when core multi-processing is disabled.
    • Updated the ME version to
    • Added support for a new wireless/Bluetooth combo card - Intel Advanced-N1030.
    • Hid the "Turbo boost" and "Virtualization technology" options when not supported by the CPU.
    • Fixed: DMI type 0 error.
    • Added support for the Hi-speed Start and PeakShift functions.
    Version 1.40 - 2011-03-17
    • Fixed: Lid actions do not operate correctly.
    • Note: Supports the Intel B3 stepping Cougar Point PCH.
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