Toshiba branded hard drive, solid state drive or other memory product including flash, USB, and SD cards

Warranty and support for these products are only available at: or call 1-877-689-4899 (option #2)

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Proof of Purchase and return of defective item with packing list

In all cases, you are required to return the defective item, along with proof of retail purchase to Toshiba at your expense, within 30 days of the claim date. If Toshiba, at its sole discretion, determines product has been damaged or abused, the claim will be rejected.
If you are unwilling or unable to return the defective product, or cannot provide written proof of retail purchase, Toshiba will be unable to process your claim.
You must be connected to or otherwise have access to a printer. To complete your claim, you will be required to print two copies of your claim packing list.

Eligible Computers, Tablets & Other Toshiba branded accessories

Standard computer accessory items (battery, AC adapter, memory module, etc.) are only eligible for replacement if they were purchased as separate, additional accessories.
If you have a defective AC adapter, battery or hard drive that came with your Toshiba computer and your computer is still in-warranty, click here to use the Troubleshooting Assistant to verify and obtain a replacement component.

Non Toshiba branded accessories

If your defective product carries another vendor's brand (Epson, H-P, Canon, Logitech, etc.) please contact that vendor in accordance with the information provided in the original packaging.

NOTE: If you are renting or leasing your Toshiba product, please contact the company from whom you rented or leased for warranty service.

Toshiba may, under the terms of the Toshiba Standard Limited Warranty, and at its sole discretion, either replace the item or issue a refund of equal or greater value.

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