Installing USB Supplement Windows 95 OSR2

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Posted Date: 1996-08-19


Last Updated: 1996-08-19


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Applicable Models
Equium 100
Equium 5160D
Equium 5200D
Equium 5230D
Equium 6200D
Equium 6200M
Equium 6230D
Equium 6260M
Equium 7000D
Equium 7100D


Installing the USB Supplement to OSR2 on the Equium

1. Click on Start>Settings>Control Panel.
2. Double-click on Add/Remove Programs.
3. If "USB Supplement to OSR2" is listed, highlight it, then click on Add/Remove. Confirm the removal if prompted.
4. The computer will give you a message asking if you want to restart. Answer "No".
5. Close the Add/Remove Programs window.
6. Double-click on the System icon, then click on Device Mgr.
7. Open the Other Devices category if it exists.
8. Highlight the PCI universal serial bus, then click the Remove button. Confirm the removal when prompted.
9. If the Other Devices category does not exist, look for Universal serial bus controllers. Remove whatever is inside.
10. Close the Device Mgr. window.
11. Click on Start>Run.
12. Type in: C:\usb\usbsupp.exe When you press Enter, the system will ask if you want to install Microsoft USB Supplement.
Click on "Yes."
13. Click "Yes" on the license agreement. The computer will run the Scandisk program and install the USB supplement.
14. Click "OK" when you get the message that Microsoft USB Support is installed. The system will reboot.

The USB Supplement to OSR2 is now installed.

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