Manual Battery Identification Process for New Battery Pack Recall Program

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Posted Date: 2007-07-19


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Manual Battery Identification for New Battery Pack Recall Program

July 18, 2007

The following instructions explain how to visually determine whether you have an affected battery that is eligible for replacement under the New Battery Pack Recall Program, and to then obtain the Battery Number and Battery Serial Number. This manual method requires that you remove the battery from the computer, and then visually match identification numbers on the battery's identification label with sample images of batteries and their identification labels below. Use of the downloadable   BatteryCheck software is the easiest and recommended method to perform battery identification. See the New Battery Pack Recall Program Information document for more details. Please note that this document is for identifying notebook batteries sold by Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. in the United States.

Note: If you are reading this on a notebook containing a battery that needs to be inspected, you will need to print the instructions so that you will have them available after you turn off the notebook.

To visually determine whether a given battery is affected, follow these steps:

1. Shut down the computer: Click the Windows Start button, then click Shut Down, and then select "Shut down" from the dropdown list that appears.

2. Unplug all cords and cables connected to the computer, including the AC adapter.

3. Turn the computer upside down, for easy access to the battery.

4. Remove the battery from the computer. The battery is held in place by two plastic latches. Sliding the latches toward the outside edges of the computer will allow the battery to be easily pulled out from the rear of the computer. For detailed and illustrated battery removal instructions, see the User's Guide for the computer, available on the Toshiba Service and Support website, at

5. Examine the battery identification label to determine how many bar codes are present: one, or two - as shown in the pictures below.

Battery identification label with one bar code

02-one_bar codel.jpg

If your battery has a label with one bar code, it is not affected, and not eligible for replacement under this program.

Battery identification label with two stacked bar codes


The battery identification label is in the center in the picture above, adjacent to the battery's electrical connector. This type of label has two bar codes, one positioned directly above the other. Ignore any other labels that may be present.

6. Continue to the section below that matches the type of label on the battery, for specific identification instructions.

If you determine that you have an affected battery, write down or otherwise make a record of the Battery Number and the Battery Serial Number, as identified in the sections below.

Battery identification label with two stacked bar codes

If the battery identification label on the battery contains two bar codes, one positioned above the other, as shown in the picture immediately below, then compare the Battery Number on the label, shown circled below, to the two numbers in the table below the picture .




If the Battery Number (the top number) on the label does not match any of the two numbers in the table, then the battery is not affected (and is not eligible for replacement). Please ignore the remainder of this document and any other material.

In this example, the Battery Number matches the second entry in the table, indicating that the battery is affected.

If the Battery Number on the label does match any one of these four numbers, then determine whether the Battery Serial Number on the label,


shown circled above, fits any one of the following criteria:

  • The battery number is, "6027B0010101", and the first four digits of the Battery Serial Number are, "6107", and the final three characters are "ASF"

  • The battery number is, "6027B0008001", and the first four digits of the Battery Serial Number are, "6109", "6110", or "6111", and the final three characters are "ASF"

If the Battery Serial Number does not match as described above, then the battery is not affected (and is not eligible for replacement). Please ignore the remainder of this document and any other material.

If both the Battery Number and the Battery Serial Number match as described above, the battery is affected, and is eligible for free replacement by Toshiba. Please write down the Battery Number and Battery Serial Number, then continue to step 7.

7. The final step is to fill out the web-based battery replacement form.

Alternately, you may provide your battery identification information to an agent at the Toshiba Global Support Center, at 800-457-7777.


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