How to eliminate the "Wrong Machine" error message when restoring the factory software image.

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Posted Date: 2005-04-01


Last Updated: 2005-04-01


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Applicable Models
Satellite 1400-S151
Satellite 1400-S152
Satellite 1405-S151
Satellite 1405-S152
Satellite 1405-S171
Satellite 1405-S172
Satellite 1410-S105
Satellite 1410-S106
Satellite 1410-S173
Satellite 1410-S174
Satellite 1415-S105
Satellite 1415-S106
Satellite 1415-S115
Satellite 1415-S173
Satellite 1415-S174
Satellite 1555CDS
Satellite 1800-S203
Satellite 1800-S204
Satellite 1800-S206
Satellite 1800-S207
Satellite 1800-S253
Satellite 1800-S254
Satellite 1800-S256
Satellite 1800-S274
Satellite 1805-S154
Satellite 1805-S177
Satellite 1805-S203
Satellite 1805-S204
Satellite 1805-S207
Satellite 1805-S208
Satellite 1805-S253
Satellite 1805-S254
Satellite 1805-S255
Satellite 1805-S273
Satellite 1805-S274
Satellite 1805-S278
Satellite 2060CDS
Satellite 2060CDT
Satellite 2065CDS
Satellite 2065CDT
Satellite 2100CDS
Satellite 2100CDT
Satellite 2105CDS
Satellite 2140XCDS
Satellite 2180CDT
Satellite 220CDS
Satellite 2210CDT
Satellite 2210XCDS
Satellite 2250CDT
Satellite 2250XCDS
Satellite 225CDS
Satellite 2400-S201
Satellite 2400-S202
Satellite 2400-S251
Satellite 2400-S252
Satellite 2405-S201
Satellite 2405-S202
Satellite 2405-S221
Satellite 2410-S185
Satellite 2410-S203
Satellite 2410-S204
Satellite 2410-S205
Satellite 2410-S206
Satellite 2415-S205
Satellite 2415-S206
Satellite 2455-S3001
Satellite 2455-S305
Satellite 2455-S306
Satellite 2500CDT
Satellite 2505CDS
Satellite 2505CDT
Satellite 2510CDS
Satellite 2515CDS
Satellite 2530CDS
Satellite 2535CDS
Satellite 2540CDS
Satellite 2545CDS
Satellite 2545XCDT
Satellite 2590CDS
Satellite 2590CDT
Satellite 2590XDVD
Satellite 2595CDS
Satellite 2595CDT
Satellite 2595XDVD
Satellite 2615DVD
Satellite 2655XDVD
Satellite 2675DVD
Satellite 2695DVD
Satellite 2715DVD
Satellite 2715XDVD
Satellite 2755DVD
Satellite 2775XDVD
Satellite 2800-S201
Satellite 2800-S202
Satellite 2805-S201
Satellite 2805-S202
Satellite 2805-S301
Satellite 2805-S302
Satellite 2805-S401
Satellite 2805-S402
Satellite 2805-S503
Satellite 2805-S603
Satellite 300CDS
Satellite 305CDS
Satellite 305CDT
Satellite 310CDS
Satellite 310CDT
Satellite 315CDS
Satellite 315CDT
Satellite 320CDS
Satellite 320CDT
Satellite 325CDS
Satellite 325CDT
Satellite 330CDS
Satellite 330CDT
Satellite 335CDS
Satellite 335CDT
Satellite 4000CDS
Satellite 4000CDT
Satellite 4005CDS
Satellite 4005CDT
Satellite 4010CDS
Satellite 4010CDT
Satellite 4015CDS
Satellite 4015CDT
Satellite 4020CDT
Satellite 4025CDT
Satellite 4030CDT
Satellite 4060CDT
Satellite 4080CDT
Satellite 4080XCDT
Satellite 4085XCDT
Satellite 4090XDVD
Satellite 4100XDVD
Satellite 5005-S504
Satellite 5005-S507
Satellite 5005-S508
Satellite 5105-S501
Satellite 5105-S502
Satellite 5105-S607
Satellite 5105-S608
Satellite 5105-S701
Satellite 5105-S702
Satellite 5105-S901
Satellite 5205-S119
Satellite 5205-S503
Satellite 5205-S504
Satellite 5205-S505
Satellite 5205-S506
Satellite 5205-S5151
Satellite 5205-S703
Satellite 5205-S704
Satellite 5205-S705
Satellite A10-S100
Satellite A10-S1001
Satellite A10-S127
Satellite A10-S128
Satellite A10-S129
Satellite A10-S1291
Satellite A10-S167
Satellite A10-S169
Satellite A10-S1691
Satellite A10-S177
Satellite A10-S178
Satellite A15-S127
Satellite A15-S128
Satellite A15-S129
Satellite A15-S1291
Satellite A15-S1292
Satellite A15-S157
Satellite A15-S158
Satellite A15-S1692
Satellite A20-S207
Satellite A20-S208
Satellite A20-S259
Satellite A20-S2591
Satellite A25-S207
Satellite A25-S208
Satellite A25-S279
Satellite A25-S2791
Satellite A25-S2792
Satellite A25-S307
Satellite A25-S308
Satellite A55-S106
Satellite A55-S1063
Satellite A55-S1064
Satellite A55-S1065
Satellite A55-S1066
Satellite A55-S129
Satellite A55-S1291
Satellite A55-S179
Satellite A55-S1791
Satellite A55-S306
Satellite A55-S3061
Satellite A55-S3062
Satellite A55-S3063
Satellite A55-S326
Satellite A55-S3261
Qosmio F15-AV201
Qosmio G15-AV501
Portege 2000
Portege 2010
Portege 300CT
Portege 3010CT
Portege 3015CT
Portege 3020CT
Portege 3025CT
Portege 3110CT
Portege 320CT
Portege 3440CT
Portege 3480CT
Portege 3490CT
Portege 4000
Portege 4005
Portege 4010
Portege 7000CT
Portege 7010CT
Portege 7020CT
Portege 7140CT
Portege 7200CT
Portege 7200CTe
Portege 7220CTe
Portege M100
Portege M200
Portege M205-S809
Portege M205-S810
Tecra 520CDT
Tecra 530CDT
Tecra 550CDT
Tecra 750CDM
Tecra 750CDT
Tecra 750DVD
Tecra 780CDM
Tecra 780DVD
Tecra 8000
Tecra 8100
Tecra 8200
Tecra 9000
Tecra 9100
Tecra A2
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Tecra TE2100
Satellite Pro 4260DVD
Satellite Pro 4280XDVD
Satellite Pro 4280ZDVD
Satellite Pro 4300
Satellite Pro 440CDT
Satellite Pro 440CDX
Satellite Pro 445CDT
Satellite Pro 445CDX
Satellite Pro 4600
Satellite Pro 460CDT
Satellite Pro 460CDX
Satellite Pro 465CDT
Satellite Pro 465CDX
Satellite Pro 470CDT
Satellite Pro 480CDT
Satellite Pro 490CDT
Satellite Pro 490XCDT
Satellite Pro 6000
Satellite Pro 6100
Satellite Pro M10-S405
Satellite Pro M10-S406
Satellite Pro M15-S405
Satellite Pro M15-S406
libretto 100CT
libretto 110CT
libretto 50CT
libretto L70CT



When you insert the restore CD into your computer under Windows, you see a message indicating the CD isn't the right one for your computer.  Or, when you try to restore your computer back to the factory state using the restore CD, you see a "Wrong Machine" message.

"Restore CD" refers to the Restore CDs, Recovery CDs, Reconfiguration CDs, Configuration Builder CDs (CBCDs), or PIRAD CD/DVDs that came with your Toshiba PC.


Please verify that you are using the correct CDs for your computer. The CDs that shipped with a computer can only be used on that computer and not another model even with a similar model number. For example, you can not use Satellite 1800 CDs on a Satellite 1805, also you can not use Tecra 8100 CDs on another Tecra 8100 if the two Tecras have different part numbers.

If you're sure you're using the correct CDs, then you can download the Toshiba DMI Update Utility for Notebook PCs .  The DMI Update Utility will allow you to restore your model's identification information (DMI strings) so you can restore the factory software.

Please note:  The DMI Update utility must run from DOS boot media.  The package you download will guide you through the process of creating the DOS boot media.  To create the DMI utility boot disk, you'll need one of the following:

  • A bootable diskette (floppy) drive (FDD) and a blank diskette.
  • A bootable CD/DVD drive (CDR), access to a PC with CD writing capability, and a blank CD-r or CD-RW disk.

If you have a FDD, the FDD method is the simplest, most reliable method.  If no FDD is available, the bootable CDR is your only option.

Export Control and EULA
Use of any software made available for download from this system constitutes your acceptance of the Export Control Terms and the terms in the Toshiba end-user license agreement both of which you can view before downloading any such software.