Sony Battery Pack Recall Programs

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Posted Date: 2006-10-10


Last Updated: 2008-10-30


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Programa de Reemplazo de Baterías

Updated October 30, 2008

Additional models added on October 30, 2008.


Toshiba has determined that certain Sony battery packs installed in Toshiba portable computers have caused fires.  Based on our investigation with Sony Corporation, we concluded that the battery cells in specific manufacturing lots could be affected and could result in a fire.  In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, we have elected to implement this battery pack replacement program, which is limited to specific manufacturing lots of the battery cells. Following the battery supplier’s recommendation, we are launching a new battery pack replacement program for affected battery packs.

Customers whose Toshiba portable computers contain the subject battery packs are eligible to receive a replacement battery pack free of charge.

We strongly recommend that customers participate in this new battery pack replacement program as soon as possible.

The subject battery packs will be replaced free of charge. This offer extends only to replacement of the subject battery packs, and does not include replacement of any Toshiba computer.

If you have an affected battery, you should stop using it immediately and remove it from your computer.

New computer and accessory models added on October 30, 2008:

  Satellite A70/A75   PA3383U-1BRS
  Satellite M30X/M35X   PA3395U-1BRS
  Satellite M50/M55   PA3399U-1BRS
  Satellite P30/P35   PA3400U-1BRS
  Tecra A3   PA3421U-1BRS
  Tecra A5 
  Tecra S2 

  The computer and accessory battery models listed in the tables below are subject to earlier battery recall programs:

Computer ModelsAccessory Batteries
Portege M300 **
Portege M400/M405 **
Portege S100/S105 **
Qosmio G35 **
Satellite A50 **
Satellite R10/R15 **
Satellite R20/R25 **
Satellite U200/U205 **
Tecra A2 **
Tecra M3 **
Tecra M4 **
Tecra M5 **
Tecra M6 **
Tecra M7 **
Tecra S3 **
PA3191U-4BRS **
PA3191U-5BRS **
PA3356U-2BRS **
PA3356U-3BRS **
PA3475U-1BRS **
PA3476U-1BRS **
Computer ModelsAccessory Batteries
Satellite A100/A105 ***
Tecra A7 ***
PA3399U-2BRS ***
PA3451U-1BRS ***

** Computer models added September 28, 2006

*** Computer models added July 18, 2007

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