Incorrect power-on password prompt -- with older BIOS versions

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Posted Date: 2009-02-11


Last Updated: 2009-02-24


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A "Password =" prompt may be displayed when the computer is turned on, even though no power-on password has been set. If this happens, there is no password that will satisfy the password request. The computer will be unusable until this problem is resolved.

If the problem has not happened yet, verify that your computer has the BIOS currently available from the Toshiba Support website. See detailed instructions below.

Your computer's BIOS may already include the fix for this problem, depending upon the model, and when it was manufactured.

This Support Bulletin is not a notice of a new BIOS for your computer; it's a notice that the password prompt problem has been fixed in relatively new BIOS releases.

The occurrence of this problem on any particular computer is unpredictable -- it may never happen, but it could happen any time that the computer is turned on. If this problem does occur, it will be necessary to send the computer to a Toshiba Authorized Service Provider.


If this problem has not yet occurred, then check your computer's BIOS version, and update it, if a newer BIOS is available.

For Windows Vista, click the Windows Start button, type "msinfo32" in the Search field, and press Enter. The System Information utility will appear, listing the computer's BIOS version in the pane at right.

For Windows XP, click the Windows Start button, click Run, type "msinfo32" in the Open field, and press Enter. The System Information utility will appear, listing the computer's BIOS version in the pane at right.

Next, visit the Toshiba Support website, at, click Download, choose your computer from the model lists, and click Go. On the search results page, click the All Categories field, then click BIOS. A new results page will appear, showing just the current BIOS version for your computer. If you click the link for the BIOS, the Change History will appear, allowing you to review revisions to successive versions of the BIOS. The fix for the password prompt problem may be listed as "auto password prompt pop-ups", or a similar phrase.

If the version number of the BIOS listed on the Toshiba Support website is greater (newer) than the BIOS version displayed by the System Information utility, then connect the AC adapter to the computer, and click the Download Now button to download and install the BIOS.

For more help, see Support Bulletin 98081213 Obtaining downloads and support docs from the Toshiba Support website.

If the problem has already occurred on your computer, then please make arrangements with a Toshiba Authorized Service Provider to have this problem resolved. Toshiba will cover the cost of this repair under warranty until Dec 31, 2010.

To locate a Toshiba Authorized Service Provider (ASP), please visit the Toshiba Global ASP Locator at

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